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It seems that | July 24, 2009

I wait a long time after I’ve posted to write a new one of these.

I don’t even remember the last time I posted.

What have I been up to?

There’s a boy. Or was. Or isn’t anymore. Or maybe there still is. I don’t know. It’s all rather confusing. What does it mean when he’s all nice and sweet and what not in person and talks to you and wants to make plans with you, but then never calls or texts you or follows through with the plans that you were making? Because that’s pretty much what’s been happening.

I’m getting my wisdom teeth out on Tuesday. Kinda scared.

Tori just got home from Georgia like five minutes ago, and I’m waiting for her to call me so we can hang out. I’m spending the night at her house tonight. I haven’t seen her since June.

I’m going to see the Sound of Music tomorrow night with my friend Kayla. Our friend Ali is in it. She’s Liesl. I’ve already seen it once, but Ali’s amazing, and I haven’t seen Kayla since June either. So that will be fun.

I have to work tonight. Facing. Boo.

I also seem to have won a contest. I was rather surprised by this, since I never win anything, but today when I woke up I had an e-mail informing me that I won a free 8×10 picture of The Frantic. So that’s pretty cool, I suppose.

I also finally got a start on my summer reading books for school. I’m so lame, I just finished the first one, A Separate Peace, last night. It was good. A bit sad, though. I started on Death of a Salesman today, but I’m only like twenty-some pages into it.

la la la la la la. I guess that’s it for now. Oh yeah! I’m going to brickyard on Sunday. That’s a nascar race, for those that don’t know. I’m super excited. Yay Jeff Gordon! No, I’m not a redneck.


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  1. We read A Seperate Peace freshman year, and it was really, really good.

    Not sure why I am telling you. Perhaps to salute your good taste.

    I wish you luck with your wisdom teeth.

    Comment by Sophie — July 25, 2009 @ 1:57 am

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