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I don’t wanna be told to grow up. | April 13, 2010

it has recently come to my attention that i am going to be turning eighteen this year. this is NOT okay. (on a side note, i just got some red velvet cake yogurt at the store, and i’m really scared to try it…so here it goes…HOLY CRAP THAT’S SO GOOD!!!) okay, so anyway. i was at work checking the dates on dog food when i found a bag that said august 23, 2011. and i was like oh hey that’s my birthday. and then i was like i’ll be nineteen then! holy crap. not cool. as much as i’m looking forward to college and life after high school, i find it to be completely and utterly terrifying. it’s realizations like this that make me want to run to my bed and hide under the covers from the world and just never grow up. am i just being like holden caulfield, or do other people feel like this too?  because so far the only cool things about turning eighteen that i can come up with is that i can order snuggies off the tv and put boxes into the bailer at work.


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