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Allyson enjoys summer.

June 2, 2009
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Last night I had my first summer ballet class. I was really excited because it’s been almost a whole month since the spring ballet, and I haven’t had any exercise since then, which means that I’ve gotten fat. I walked into the ballet studio with my friend, Katie, and our teacher, Eka, was standing there. She gave Katie this huge smile, and then as soon as she saw me that smile turned into this horrible, mean, angry look that said “why are you here?” I was thrilled.

Despite that, the class went surprisingly well. I did better than I normally do on all of my turns and what not, which is weird, because I usually suck after a long break like that. It was nice though. We also did pointe, which was not fun.

Driving home from that was also an adventure. It had been raining on and off while I was in class, but when I was leaving it had pretty much stopped. However, as I was driving along it started again, only this time it was pretty much insane. It was raining so hard that I could barely see out my windshield, so I decided to pull over into the State Farm parking lot and wait a while.

It finally let up enough for me to leave, but the streets were full of water. One street that I had to cross was completely flooded. It was pretty scary, but also kind of funny. It’s on a college campus, and there were students standing outside on the street corner watching it. It just made me laugh that my town is so lame that people entertain themselves by watching flooded streets when it rains.

Today has been pretty productive so far. I have done a load of laundry, and bought two books and the Mitchel Musso Cd. Now I think I’m going to go eat some lunch and maybe clean or do some reading or something.


Allyson hates people.

May 31, 2009
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So it’s amazing how my hatred for the human race increases at such a rapid rate these days. Maybe it’s because i work in a grocery store, so I’m forced to be around people and actually talk to them, but yeah.

Today I worked for eight hours. I was stocking something in the dairy department when a woman came and asked me where the ice was. I remembered then that it was my job to fill the ice coolers, and I had completely forgotten about that in the six hours that I had been there. I showed her where they were and then went back to stocking my dairy stuff.

After that I went to check the ice coolers to see how much I needed to load in there. They were both pretty much completely empty, so I went back to the freezer and loaded up ten packages of ice. That’s six bags in each package, making it a grand total of sixty bags. Yay math skills! I put all sixty of those bags in the first cooler, and then went back to the freezer to get more for the one in the liquor department.

I filled that cooler and was heading back to the front one to put the extras in there. I walked past the camera counter where there were two women buying a styrofoam cooler and some beverages. They said something about getting ice, and the cashier told them where she could find it. Then she saw me with a cart full of ice and told them that they could just get some from me. I heard all of this, and walked over to one of the women with a bag of ice in my hands.

She completely ignored me.

Me: “Did you want this, ma’am?”

Her: *still ignoring me*

Me: *trying to be patient* “Did you want this?”

Her: “No.”

Okay, what the eff?

In other news, there’s a new[ish] bagger at my store and he reminds me of Luke from Tonight the Prom, which is one of my favorite bands. He’s pretty cool, so we’re pretty much gonna be best friends.

Also, I actually sort of preefread this one. Which is a first.

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School’s out for the summer!

May 29, 2009
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YAY SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!! And Alice Cooper references. We’re good friends, me and Alice Cooper. But anyway, NO MORE SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t think you understand how completely ecstatic I am for school to be over. This was probably the suckyest school year ever. But now it’s over, and I don’t have to deal with classes or student teachers or teachers who don’t like to teach you english or stupid drama for three whole months!!

Speaking of english, yesterday I got this thing in the mail for my A.P. English class next year with a list of all of the books that we’re going to be reading. It told me that I was strongly encouraged to read them over the summer since the class is goung to be so intense. I’m soooo excited, because I LOVE books and english, and it’s going to be SOOOO awesome! This year english sucked because my teacher was a hippie and her class was more like a study hall/book club than en english class, but next year we’re reading amazing books like Catcher in the Rye and ahh!! Yay!

Things I’m (hopefully) doing this summer:

  1. Reading as much as I can.
  2. Learning how to play my ukulele, since it’s been sitting in my room all lonely since March. Poor Wade.
  3. Saving enough money to buy a new computer because mine is totally screwed up and probably has like a million viruses, and macs are amazing and don’t have viruses and if you buy a mac computer this summer you get a free ipod touch which is nice, because my ipod starting to die.
  4. Seeing Lovehammers and the Frantic at the Lovehammers Cd release show in June!!!!!
  5. Actually getting the Lovehammers CD that I pre-ordered in October and have been impatiently waiting by the mailbox for ever since.
  6. Going to Michigan and partying with my cousins. (Hopefully going to one of those poetry places where people snap, because my cousin Maddi and I have always wanted to go to one.)
  7. Actually being here for Annie’s birthday, since I haven’t been in town for her last like five, and she’s turning 16, so it’s kinda a big deal.

Wow. I think I’m a little too excited. I’m off to go play my ukulele or something. Ew. I have to go to work later. But it’s okay, because I get paid today. =D

Finals are not my friend.

May 28, 2009
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dsfjhawiofhgIOWF. I haven’t posted here in forever. It’s been all crazy since it’s the end of the school year, so we’ve had a million tests to study for and work to go to, and finals are today and tomorrow. Ahh. I hate school. I can’t wait for it to be over.

I only have three fubaks keft–geography, wellness, and geometry. Geometry you can’t really study for, and I’m not worried about that, and wellness is a joke. That leaves geography. I’m terrified for this test. We have to label every single country in the whole world and geographic features. AND we also have to know a bunch of stuff for essay questions, and on top of that there’s a crapload of explorers and political figures that I have to know. I’m pretty scared.

I also have to work A LOT this week. twenty-four hours. That’s like a whole day. And it includes two eight-hour shifts, which all around suck. But I should probably stop complaining, because I get annoyed by people who complain a lot. On ths bright side, I went to bed at nine last night, so I got nine hours of sleep. I’m such an over achiever. And I painted my nails with glow in the dark nail polish which is probably the coolest thing ever. But now I must go study some maps. Bye!


May 20, 2009

Wow. So today I was having a pretty good day. I actually understood what was going on in my chemistry class. English is a joke, so I was able to study for the geography test that I had the next hour that I hadn’t had time to study for last night. I’m pretty certain that I did really well on that test. I realized that it was my second to last day of p.e. EVER. It was cheese pizza sticks for lunch. Geometry wasn’t as unbearable as it usually was. Theology was delightfully funny and awkward because we were talking about masturbation, rape, fornication, and other lovely topics like that. And I ended up not having too much homework to do tonight.

Then I walked out to my car. When we got there Tori was like, “Whoa, Allyson, someone like egged your car.” I looked at it and I saw a water bottle nestled in that little space between the windshield and the hood of the car. It wasn’t until I got closer that I noticed that there was some sort of filmy crap on the windshield and windows, and the water bottle was half filled with some yellow liquid, that I’m pretty sure was pee.

Yeah. Some asshole peed in a water bottle and threw it on my car. And what pisses me off even more is the fact that it was completely random. Like if I had done something to someone that made them mad and then they did this to my car, I would have been like, oh, okay, I was a bitch, I deserved this. But I’m definitely not like that.

So I ended up going to the car wash, which I hate doing, because I’m terrified that i’m going to run into one of those bar things on the side that guides your car or whatever, or that I’ll get stuck or something. And I had to spend money on this because someone else thought it would be funny to throw piss on my car. I hate people.

In other news, I saw American Taxi and the Frantic on Saturday, and I shall write about it sometime soon, because it was awesome. Not now, though, because I don’t feel like it at the moment, and I’m just too mad right now.

Lalalala. Allyson Has No Life.

May 19, 2009
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Things I accomplished today:

  1. Managed to stay awake in school the whole day, even though I was ridiculously tired.
  2. Gaught my cousin’s dog before she ran away, while still sitting in my car.
  3. Mowed my neighbor’s lawn.
  4. Finished a book.
  5. Went to dinner with my dad who then filled my car up with gas.
  6. Got pissed off by my dad because he’s an asshole, then in turn managed to piss him off too.
  7. Drove around town in a blind rage.
  8. Found out that music stores close early.
  9. Found out that the other music store in my town closed.
  10. Went to a million different places looking for ukulele strings, but ended up buying acoustic guitar strings instead. I don’t know if you can do that, but I don’t care. I’m going to anyway.
  11. Procrastinated on my shitload of homework that I have even though I have to get up early in the morning to retake a chemistry test that I got a 46/72 on.
  12. Yay failing at life.

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School Is Crushing My Soul

May 15, 2009
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I cannot stand to be in school any longer. It’s killing me. I’m getting stir crazy. I can’t be forced to sit at small tables with twenty some other kids and listen to some grown up talk about things that I have no interest in. I just want to scream, get out of there, and run far, far away from my school. I can’t handly it anymore.

I can’t focus on anything. Yesterday I was in my geography class, one of my hardest classes that I have. Mr. Fabrizio was explaining something probably very important to the test that we are taking on Wednesday, but all I could think about was the Hannah Montana Movie. My mind was wandering and I somehow thought of when Lilly comes to Tennessee dressed as Hannah Montana and then Miley tells Robby Ray’s love interest that she can’t talk to her because she’s so jet-lagged from flying to Tennessee from CAlifornia because she only travels east to west.

Then in theology we had some nice seminarians come and talk to us about Emmaus Days and their stories about how they relized that they were called to the priesthood. These were two interesting, funny, and somewhat attractive guys, but then one of them said something about everybody making mistakes or how nobody’s prefect, and I was off listening to Hannah Montana in my head.

In Spanish this morning, Lois would tell us what she wanted to do. I would just sit there in a daze and then ten minutes later I would ask my friend Ali sitting next to me what we were supposed to be doing, and she would have no clue either.

In geometry I just sit there and stare into space. I’ve blown off learning anything this chapter, and I’m pretty much screwed for the quiz that we have on Monday. And you wanna know the worst part? I don’t even care about this. I just want out.

I sit in class, and I know this sounds weird, but it suffocates me. I literally fins it hard to breathe. I can feel my heart pounding in my chest, and I feel like I’m having an anxiety attack or something. All I can think of is how I need to be out of that building forever.

Of course it probably doesn’t help that I’m seeing The Frantic and American Taxi tomorrow night, and I’m excited beyond words.

In other news, work was surprisingly enjoyable last night. My favorite manager, Steve, was closing instead of the usual guy, Darin, who’s a jerk. We also had a pizza party because our store won some competition. Nobody knows what it was, but it got us free pizza. So I was in the dairy aisle stocking when Steve came over to tell me that the pizza was here and I could take my break to go eat some whenever I wanted to. Then this woman in the aisle asked him if he worked there. He said he did and went to show her whatever it was that she needed. Then he came back and made fun of her. It really made me laugh. He was like, “So she ignores you, I’m here. I have a Jewel polo on, a Jewel nametag. ‘Do you work here?’…..No. I work at Kroger.” He’s funny.

Then I went up for my break and there were a bunch of people eating pizza, including this guy that works in the meat department. Now I always smile at him and try to be nice, despite the fact that I find him utterly terrifying. He always gives me these dirty looks whenever I see him, and the other day I walked by him and he was chopping up this fish like you would see the bad guy chopping something in a horrow movie or something. He has tattoos all over his arms, like sleeves or something, and he has gauged [gaged? whatever] ears. Anyways, he was talking about how he’s probably the most musically oriented person that works there and how he owns almost 2,000 songs. When I got home last night I looked in my itunes to find that I have almost 4,000 songs. Owned.

I also got a paper cut today from my geography worksheet and the fact that I forgot I had just stuck it in my book and it was sticking out part way and so when I was putting my book in my locker it cut me. And it wasn’t your average paper cut. It was rather large. So I went to the office and got a band-aid. It wasn’t a cool one though, so even thought it’s probably fine now, I think I’m going to go put a Dora the Explorer one on it.

Also, after school I was telling Tori how school was killing me, so she suggested that we go get ice cream. She didn’t have any money, so she was really suggesting that I buy her ice cream, but I thought that it would help, so  said yes. We got cake batter oreo. It was worth it. It’s funny how simple things like ice cream and finding out that some random band that I love is coming to my town can improve my crappy days.

Stupid Boys [Well, Boy, Actually] and Harry Potter

May 14, 2009

So you know how yesterday was weird? Yeah. It got weirder…

Well I went to work just like usual. That wasn’t weird. But then I came home and I went to get on my computer, but I had turned it off. So I turned it back on, and it automatically signed me on instant messenger. Now usually I just put up an away message, because I only use instant messenger to talk to like two people, but this time I didn’t. Big mistake. I’m sitting there jamming out to my Dennis Flourine Project music and my ex-boyfriend ims me. My ex-boyfriend who I hate and don’t talk to and avoid whenever I see him because I hate him because when he wanted to break up with me he got my toher ex-boyfriend to do it for him over the internet, and then he didn’t understand why I had a problem with that. This was last year too. Not like fourth grade or anything, because that’s exactly what it sounds like to me. So anyway he says hey, and I’m one of those people that can’t just ignore someone, because I’m just nice like that and if someone talks to me, then I respond. So I say hey back and then he says “I haven’t talked to you in forever.” then I’m thinking well, duh, we don’t like each other. But I just say I know. Then he’s like “Yeah I’ve seen you around a lot lately.” And I’m thinking well yeah, we go to the same school. It’s kind of expected. But I’m just like “I know.” Then we’re talking and he’s just being the retard that he is and it was really bugging me that he would just randomly talk to me so I decided to ask him. So I was like, “I’m not trying to be rude or anything, but why did you decide to talk to me like this? I’m just wondering.” And he was like “I just got on here and I saw that you were online and I just thought I’d be friendly and say hi.” And yeah. It was just a weird experience.

So then I get to school in the morning and I’m in my english class overhearing this conversation that my friend, Erin, who just happened to have dated this guy last year, and they were pretty serious for a while, was having. She said something to the effect of “Yeah I was just like silent the whole time he was there and then finally Danny [Erin’s current boyfriend] told him to leave.” So this interested me and so I asked her who? and she said Josh [which is this guy’s name, if I haven’t mentioned that.] and I was like okay what’s wrong with him, because he randomly started talking to me last night. and she was like yeah I saw that on your twitter and I texted him and I was like why are you talking to Allyson and then he said that he just wanted someone to talk to. So I’m just really wondering why he came to her house and why he was talking to me and where his girlfriend when all of this was happening, because she dances with me, and she’s really nice and I don’t want him to be talking to his ex-girlfriends behind her back and what not because he’s just an asshole and does this kind of crap to all of his girlfriends and sreuigh eairhgae. boys are stupid.


In other news, I am writing a paper about Harry Potter for my english class. One of my main topics is about people who oppose Harry Potter, and it lead me to find out that Pope John Paul II didn’t like Harry Potter. This greatly upset me because I thought for like three years that he loved Harry Potter and it made me so happy because he was my favorite pope and I thought he was just the cutest old man ever and I was so sad when he died and then Pope Benedict XVI came in and he was like Harry Potter is the devil and I’m like no. Voldemort is the devil. Duh. And I just don’t like him as much as I liked JPII and grr. Like there was this book that this German guy wrote and it said that Harry Potter corrupts the hearts of the young and screws up the knowledge of the difference between good and evil which messes up their relationship with God while it’s at such an early age or something to that extent, which is just total bullshit to begin with because there’s nothing in Harry Potter that’s like yay magic! now go worship pagan gods and murder people. It says nothing about any type of religion at all. Magic isn’t a religion for them. It’s just how they are. They’re born that way. They don’t have a choice. Religion is a choice. And the message of Harry Potter is that love conquers evil, and I’m pretty sure in my freshman theology class last year when we studied the Bible, Miss LaCoy told us that it was the greatest love story ever told because it was about how God loved his people so much that he would do anything to help us get to him, even sending his son and sacrificing him, just so we could be saved. And I know there’s a lot of people who don’t believe in all this God stuff, but that’s what Catholics believe, so basically, Harry Potter just enforces that and if Benedict XVI would just read the books, he would know that.


Okay, sorry for this huge rant. I just had to get that out of my system.


*EDIT: Yeah, I forgot to add this, but I just remembered. So one day I got mad at my cable company because it’s stupid and never works, and I tweeted and said “Dear Comcast, you are a horrible cable company. Love, Allyson.” Then today I was on Twitter on the computer, which I never do, and I was looking at my @replies, and they had replied to me can asked me if they could help. And it just made my day.

American Taxi Saves The Day!

May 13, 2009

Today basically sucked. Well just after school.

I’m amazed by the stupid drama that goes on between teenagers. I was talking to my friend Greg and his friend Amanda before school this morning, and they told me that this girl Ally was mad at my cousin because she made out with this guy that she likes. Which I can totally understand because that’s like against the rules of feminism and what not. But then they went to to tell me that my cousin is a slut and that they’ve been hearing all of these bad things about her. Well, me, being the kind of person that I am tell my cousin about this after school, because if it was me, I would want to know that people were saying that I’m a whore behind my back. I mean, I know that I’m not a whore, but if someone was saying that about me, then I’d rather they say it to my face, than behind my back. Anyways, my coudin gets on her cell phone and texts Greg about this, who in turn gets mad at me for telling her. Then we talk and he tells me that if she isn’t mad at him for saying that, then he’s okay. Well this sort of pisses me off.

Then when I get home I pull into the garage and put the door down like I always do. As I’m getting out of my car, I’m pretty sure that I see something small run away out of the corner of my eye. I then tell myself that I’m just seeing things, and start to get my purse out of the back seat. Then I see it again, on the other side of the garage, and this time i’m not imagining it . So I get back in my car and open the door. Then I turn on my car and roll up the windows. Now i’m thinking that it’s just a mouse or something [I’m not really an animal person, so having any stray animal in my garage freaks me out, but a mouse I can handle better], but oh no. It’s a chipmunk. All I can think of as I watch this animal scurry around my garage is how Matt Frey always told the story of how he almost got rabies from a chipmunk when he was younger. So I decided to wait until it left.

Then when I got inside I was reading my text messages. I get one from my dad that said that he wanted me to go to his office after school, and that it was important. So I got back in my car and drove all the way over there. My dad is a chiropractor. I get there and he’s walking out of the exam room with a guy about my age who happens to be rather attractive. Now I was already in a bad mood what with Greg and the chipmunk and having to go back across town after I was already home, and it was also humid and windy outside, so my hair and my face are all gross, and so this was just the icing on top of the cake. Then Steve talks to me. A talk that I didn’t really enjoy and that could have easily been done over the phone. So I’m in a pretty bad mood by now.

Then I come home and get on facebook and I see that I have a new event invitation. I open it and see that it’s from the the Coffeehouse Live Entertainment group and that The Frantic and American Taxi are going to be performing there this Saturday. This made all my bad mood go away because I have been wanting American Taxi to come here forever. I want to buy their CD, but they aren’t on itunes, and I don’t like ordering things off the inernet. They also came to a bar in my town in April, but being only sixteen, I obviously couldn’t go. Yay good music!

Now I have to go get ready for work. I was really dreading it, especially since I was in such a lousy mood, but now i’m not too worried about it.

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Allyson Missed Blogging [Except This One Isn’t That Great]

May 11, 2009
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Last week was some crazy stuff. It was tech week for the spring ballet and the dance recital for my dance studio, so I was super busy all week long.

Monday: Monday was dress rehearsal for the ballet, which was Sleeping Beauty. It was also picture day for the ballet and my hip hop class. I had to go to rehearsal at five. Monday wasn’t really that bad considering that we got done at about eight, and I didn’t have much homework to do.

Tuesday: Tuesday was also rehearsal at the dance studio. It was better than monday because I didn’t have pictures. But it was bad because I had new pointe shoes. And if you’ve never danced on new pointe shoes, well it’s not really a walk in the park.

Wednesday: Ballet dress rehearsal at the theater. Wednesday was probably the worst day for me. I got to the theater early so I could get good spots in the dressing room for Katie, Brie, and me. Katie got there later, then Brie, right before we were supposed to go down for barre. Brie had just come from swim practice, with her hair dripping wet, and smelling of chlorine. We helped her do her hair and make-up, and then went to barre. Then we came back to the dressing rooms to get ready, and finally started rehearsal. I had a paper about the Battle of Stalingrad to write for my geography class. I had decided earlier that I would hand write it in between dances, and then type it when I got home. However, I didn’t anticipate that I wouldn’t have any time between dances to write it, so I was forced to wait until I got home to start. We ended up getting done with rehearsal at ten, an hour after we were supposed to be out of the theater. Needless to say, I didn’t get nearly enough sleep that night.

Thursday: On Thursday I came home after school with Tori. We quickly got ready for out hip hop dress rehearsal, and headed over to the theater. Our first dance was scheduled to be rehearsed on stage at 4:20. Due to the fact that we had only finished the dance the last week of class, and then had a week long break after that, it went horribly. Our teacher wanted to cut the dance from the show, but we were told that that was impossible, because the programs had already been made. We were then forced to keep practicing until we got it down. Then our other dance was at six something. It went perfectly, because we started working on it on the first day of class way back in August.

After that I had to hurry to barre, so I could be warmed up for ballet rehearsal. Rehearsal didn’t run as smoothly as most second day dress rehearsals do. It was mostly the stage crew’s fault. This sort of frustrated me, because we did the same exact ballet with the same exact choreography/sets/props/cues/stage crew two years ago, and it was perfect, so why couldn’t we do that this time? Anyway, I was glad to get out of there and just go to sleep, since I wasn’t going to school on Friday. But when I was leaving it was thundering and lightninging [I’m pretty sure that’s not a real word] outside. It was pretty freaky, and i had to walk to my car all by myself, in a kind of sketchy part of town, I might add.

Friday: Performance day. I got to sleep in, because we didn’t have call until 8:30. I ended up being late to barre, though, because my mother took a million years to do my eyeliner. The school performance of the show went really well. I danced almost perfectly. Afterwards a group of us went to Olive Garden for lunch. Then my mom and I ran to the mall to find a gift for one of the dancers who is a senior this year, and therefore it was her last ballet with us. I still had stage makeup on, and lots and lots of glitter, so I found that people were staring at me a lot. It was sort of awkward.

Then came the public performance. I wasn’t too worried about this performance, for two reasons. The first was that I never get nervous for my performances [except for the time that I was Clara in the Nutcracker, and I had managed to get two huge blisters on the back of my feet, making it hard to walk, let alone dance], and I had done this ballet two years earlier with most of the same parts as I had now. The second reason was that none of my friends decided to come see the show. My class had taken a field trip to come see it when we did it before. When I told them what the sping ballet this year was they replied, “I saw that last time. It wasn’t good.” Thanks guys, I only spent five months of my life preparing for this. Anyways, I wasn’t nervous, which doesn’t explaing the fact that I completely messed up three of the five dances that I was in in the first act. Yeah. The second act was good though.

Then after the show, this guy Dennis who was played the wolf [yeah, Red Riding Hood comes to Aurora’s wedding. it’s a weird ballet.] gave me a CD of his music. I listened to it and I’m pretty much obsessed with it now, so you should probably go listen to him:

Saturday: Saturday was the recital. Both of my dances were in the second act, so I got to watch the first act from the audience. Then at intermission I had to go backstage and wait to be called to the stage to dance. The first dance went a lot better than it did at dress rehearsal. Except for one thing. At the end of the dance we did an eight count of freestyle to get into an ending pose. During that freestyle part, I accidentally slapped this girl in the face. It just so happened that this girl was the current girlfriend of one of my ex-boyfriends who I don’t get along with, and who happened to be sitting rather close to my family in the audience. Awkward. The second dance was really good though. Afterwards we went to dinner at Outback Steakhouse. Then I went home and passed out from exhaustion.

Sunday: Yesterday I went to my aunt’s house for Mother’s Day. Then I came home and did my homework. Then Tori and her mom came over because their cable was out and they had to watch Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters.

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