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August 13, 2009
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I’m amazing at losing things. I’m also amazing at finding them in somewhat obvious places right after i don’t need them anymore. For instance, when I was fifteen and I had my permit. One day I lost it. I couldn’t find it anywhere. I searched everywhere and it was nowhere to be found. This resulted in a trip to the dmv to get a new one. Then, at the end of sophomore year i decided that I would read a Kurt cobain biography that I had bought but never finished reading. I had been writing a paper about Kurt Cobain for my freshman english class and was using the book for research. I must have been using the lost permit for a bookmark, because there it was stuffed in between the pages of the book.

Then, one day towards the end of the school year my friend Greg asked me if i had and Jack’s Mannequin cds, because he had never heard of them.  This pretty much broke my heart because Jack’s Mannequin is one of the best bands ever created, and of course i had both of their cds and i would burn them for him immediately. Except for the fact that I couldn’t find my Everything in Transit cd, which is clearly the better of the two. Then just now I randomly decided to pick up the panic at the disco cd case that has been sitting on my desk since like march. i opened it up, and there was the cd that i had been searching for. it doesn’t even matter that i found it, because i already burned a new one. And it just makes me really mad at myself, because right now i can clearly remember why it was there. I went to the mall one day with my friends katie and brie and i bought the panic at the disco cd. then when we got back to my car i wanted to listen to it so i opened it and took the cd from my cd player which was the jack’s mannequin one and put it in the panic at the disco case. then i brought the cd case inside when i got home that night because back then i never kept cd cases in my car. now i have about ten in there, which is really dumb on my part because there’s pretty much no room for them. whatever.  i just feel really dumb for losing that cd, when i should have known where it was.


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