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It’s Been A While.

June 9, 2009
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Okay, now that I have that song by Staind stuck in my head…

I haven’t blogged in a rather long time, or at least it feels that way. I haven’t really been doing anything too exciting though. Just working and dance, and hanging out and being lazy since I don’t have school.

Today, however, I actually did do something. I went to see Up with my friends Annie and Greg. I had to pick Annie up from her house, and while I was driving to get her I found out that the street that I use pretty much everyday to get pretty much everywhere in my town is closed. It really bothered me, because it’s part of the rennovations that they’re doing to the downtown area that nobody really wants anyway. These changes didn’t really bother me at first, because the only time I go downtown is when I go to The Coffeehouse to see bands play, which doesn’t happen all that often. However, the other day I ventured to this area in search of a certain used book store, so I could buy my books for my summer reading list. Except the street that it was on was closed, and I was a little bit scared about walking down it by myself. Instead I went to Target and bought the Mitchell Musso CD (which is amazing, by the way). But now they’re closing off my street? This is not okay.

Up was amazing though. It was probably the best movie Pixar has done so far. It was really sad at parts, though, but I highly recommend it.

Awkward transition…

Okay, I was thinking, and I decided that my grocery store could totally start a Tonight The Prom look-alike band. (If you’ve never read my blog before or heard of them, Tonight the Prom is this amazing band that I’m in love with and I’ve seen them three times, and I’ve met them twice. Moving on.) There’s this new(ish) bagger that must have started working there when I was gone for tech week for my ballet, because I came back and he was there, and yeah. Anyway, he reminds me of their guitar player, Luke. He really doesn’t look or act like him, though, when I really think about it, but whenever I see him I just think LUKE! Then there’s this guy that used to shop there like everyday who looks just like their bass player, Jordan. I think I scared him away, though, because I would just stare at him, and I think that freaked him out. But they were like twins, except he had like no hair, or I don’t think he did. He always wore a beanie, but a beanie wouldn’t be able to control Jordan’s crazy fro. But he even had the same glasses as Jordan. Anyway, all these two guys need to do is grow some hair and find a guy that looks like Andrew, their singer, and they could totally be a band. It would be awesome. Also, the guy that reminds me of Luke, we’re gonna be best friends, me and him.

Okay, I’ll stop now, because you probably don’t care about this. Also, my mom is bringing me Taco Bell, and I’m starving.


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