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June 19, 2009
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I am going to the dentist. Then I am picking up Annie and Katie and going to Steve(my dad)’s house. Tori will be there and then we’re leaving for Chicago to see LOVEHAMMERS AND THE FRANTIC!!!!!!! YAY!!!!! okay. sorry for the random caps.

Then tomorrow we are coming home and I have to mow the lawn and pack for Michigan and go to my cousin’s Lia Sophia party. Then on Snday I am leaving for Michigan until July 6th, so I won’t be posting until I get back.

Yay for getting out of this town! Except I kinda met this guy…so yeah. Like right before I’m leaving for like a million years. ugh. But it’s complicated. Grr. Life is annoying sometimes. But I have to stop upsetting myself. Yay awesome music tonight!!! And Kyle Dee. And Marty Casey with his amazing flowing blonde hair. And Yay Lovehammers who all look bad in pictures, but are actually rather attractive in real life, even though they’re like thirty. But it might just be the whole rock star appeal thing. Speaking of Rockstar, I need to get some, because I’m waaay tired. Also, maybe I’ll get to talk to Brett Hartwell, the Frantic’s drummer, this time and take a picture with him, because when they were at the coffeehouse last time I didn’t get to because we had to leave early, and I was sad because I had just decided that he was like the coolest person ever. And now i’m rambling. Okay, bye!


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