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June 19, 2009
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I am going to the dentist. Then I am picking up Annie and Katie and going to Steve(my dad)’s house. Tori will be there and then we’re leaving for Chicago to see LOVEHAMMERS AND THE FRANTIC!!!!!!! YAY!!!!! okay. sorry for the random caps.

Then tomorrow we are coming home and I have to mow the lawn and pack for Michigan and go to my cousin’s Lia Sophia party. Then on Snday I am leaving for Michigan until July 6th, so I won’t be posting until I get back.

Yay for getting out of this town! Except I kinda met this guy…so yeah. Like right before I’m leaving for like a million years. ugh. But it’s complicated. Grr. Life is annoying sometimes. But I have to stop upsetting myself. Yay awesome music tonight!!! And Kyle Dee. And Marty Casey with his amazing flowing blonde hair. And Yay Lovehammers who all look bad in pictures, but are actually rather attractive in real life, even though they’re like thirty. But it might just be the whole rock star appeal thing. Speaking of Rockstar, I need to get some, because I’m waaay tired. Also, maybe I’ll get to talk to Brett Hartwell, the Frantic’s drummer, this time and take a picture with him, because when they were at the coffeehouse last time I didn’t get to because we had to leave early, and I was sad because I had just decided that he was like the coolest person ever. And now i’m rambling. Okay, bye!


Might Be Paranoid.

June 16, 2009
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So far, this week has been characterized by creepy guys in pick up trucks staring at me. Yesterday I was going to mow the lawn, but then I realized that I needed  to get more gas. So I went to the gas station. I didn’t even do anything stupid like try to take the lawnmower with me and try to fill it with gas there or anything. I took the gas container thing-a-majig. So I get there and I pull up to one of the pumps and pay and everything. Then I look over and there’s this creepo guy sitting in a truck blatantly staring me down. Then while I’m pumping the gas into the container he is leaving and he drives by me all nice and slow, and I can just tell that he’s watching me, but I don’t look at him because that would just be awkward. And it wasn’t even like I was in a sketchy part of town or anything. It creeped me out.

THEN, I was home and mowing the lawn, and I was trying to hurry because it looked like it was about to rain. I was in the backyard, but my house is on a corner, so my backyard is clearly visible from the street. This guy drives by in a black pick up truck and his head is turned, watching me the whole time he’s near my house. I don’t know what’s so entrancing about a girl mowing the lawn. And it’s not like I looked all that spectacular either. I was wearing no makeup and my hair was up in a ponytail. I also had on shorts that I seriously bought in the men’s section in Dick’s Sporting Goods, and I had a camisole on. Not one of my best outfits.

Then today I was driving home after just buying the new Jonas Brothers CD. Obviously, I was blasting Paranoid, and I came to a four way stop, where there was a truck with a guy in it already stopped to the left of me. He drove through the intersection, but he was obviously staring me down the whole time. Seriously people. I’m a sixteen year old girl. I like loud music and the Jonas Brothers. Get over it. Stop creeping on me.

In other news, my dad gave me two of the books that came from the American Book Exchange thing. They’re from England. It pretty much made my life. One of them had a price sticker on the front that I almost took off until I realized that the price was in pounds. I’m ecstatic.

AND I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow. This is a very good thing considering the fact that my bangs are rather long at the moment, and It’s rather painful when they decide to poke me in the eyes.

Three days until Lovehammers and the Frantic!!! Can’t wait.

Allyson has freak obsessions.

June 14, 2009

Today I got done from work early. Only fifteen minutes, but still, yay! Now I’m afraid I have nothing to do. I guess I’ll read or something.

Last night I hung out with my cousin, Tori. It was pretty fun, I guess. Except we went to this emo kid hangout place to get some smoothies and they were out of them. still. since like last week. they’re dumb. But I’m supposed to go there tomorrow with my friend, Kayla, so they better have them.

Tori and I also went to Borders. I got this book that I read in school in sixth grade called the Phantom Tollbooth. It’s for children, but I love it. I started reading it last night and it’s so amazing. It’s pretty much the kind of book that I want to be the author of someday. You should probably go read it.

I’m going to see Lovehammers and the Frantic in Chicago next Friday, and I’m excited beyond belief. Lovehammers has been pretty much my favorite band since seventh grade when I discovered Marty Casey on Rockstar: INXS, so I’m pretty much a huge fangirl. Yay freak obsessions. And also, nobody knows who they are, and it makes me really sad, but they’re going to be playing a show with the Plain White T’s in August, so that is completely amazing, because they’re famous and what not. So maybe people will start to know who they are. And I have sooo much stuff from them that will be worth something then. Because the first time I saw them in concert my dad bought me a shirt. Then I met Marty Casey and their drummer, Bobby, and they signed the shirt. Then for Christmas one year my dad got me a guitar that was signed by them that they were auctioning off on ebay. I also have some other random memorbilia type stuff of theirs. And then one time my dad randomly ordered me one of their shirts and gave it to me during finals last year, which was nice because it was right after my biology final that I was completely freaking out about. Anyway, Dino, their bass palyer, wrote my dad a little note and sent it with the shirt that was like thank’s for the support and what not, which I thought was cool and it’s hanging in my room right now. I also made this clock thing that looks like the shirt they signed for me for an 8th grade art project that is pretty rockin.

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