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April 7, 2010
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oh hey. it’s been a while. i randomly had the urge to blog. so, instead of sleeping i’m going to write words on here that probably no one will read, but i don’t care because i’m hardcore.

so i do some of my best thinking in the shower, and just twenty minutes ago i realized that april third already happened this year. now, i know what you’re thinking…well of course it’s already happened. it’s april sixth. but april third marked a very important date in my 2009. it was the WORST DAY EVER. if you read my blog at that time last year, you might remember april third’s post.

Allyson and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

“Today I walked into my first hour spanish class, and my good friend Ali and I decided that April third was the worst day ever. We had plenty of evidence to back this up with too, considering that we were already having the worst days of our short little lives, and it was only eight o’clock. We decided that next year on April third we were going to see how our day went, and find out if we were right. In the meantime we were going to keep a tally to see who had the worst day. Because when we do things, we go all out.”

it then goes on to recount all of the awful events that took place on the dreaded april third. well, this april third DIDN’T SUCK!!! YAY!!!!!! i guess i’ve come a long way since then.

lalalalalala i’m tired. i think i shall be going to bed soon, but i’ll probably be back here in the near future. it’s fun sharing my feelings with random forty year old creepers on the internet!


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